We choose all of our ingredients wisely. At Buoy Bowls, we are passionate about the flavor and health benefits of our Áçai bowls, Pitaya bowls and smoothies.

The Key is What's Inside.

Our bowls and smoothies are made using the highest quality ingredients available. We’ve carefully selected each of our ingredients, from the most premium Áçai on the market, to the local North Carolina bee pollen and honey.

It's (OUR) Ah-Sigh-EE, Y'all!

To make the best Açaí bowls, one has to have the best Açaí. We traveled far and wide to source the best. We import it, package it, and only use our Açaí to make our bowls. Oh, and we check its quality often. Come and see what a difference our Açaí makes!

Our Ingredients

Açaí Berries


Bee Pollen


Cocoa Nibs


Dragon Fruit

Goji Berries