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Buoy Bowls is the end result of an obsession with açaí Bowls that first started on a surf trip to San Diego, California in 2005.

After a morning surf at Blacks Beach, our owner, Derek, was taken to a local Açaí shop by his best friend...

…and it was there that he discovered the Açaí Bowl- a bowl of frozen purred açaí berries topped with a variety of fresh fruit and honey. It was absolutely love at first bite!

Coming back to the East Coast at that time nobody knew what an Açaí Bowl was, and it was impossible for Derek to fill that craving he had discovered in California. Living in Wilmington, NC at the time, and coastal towns being the perfect setting for an açaí bowl shop, it didn’t take long for one to open up. That little shop on Wrightsville Beach is where Derek was able to fulfill his açaí craving for several years. But In the back of his mind, Derek had always envisioned doing something on his own with açaí, he just wasn’t sure what, when, where, or how.
That all changed in January 2016 after coming back from a surf trip to Puerto Rico and not being able to find an açaí bowl in the town of Apex, NC, where he and his family had recently moved to.
With his entrepreneurial mindset bouncing around ideas, Derek went to the drawing board to lay out his vision of how to share his passion for açaí with the rest of the Raleigh­/Durham community. The end result: Buoy Bowls, an açaí bowl food truck. What better way to share the love of açaí than to bring it to YOU?! We want to share that “love at first bite” experience with you that we had back in 2005. We do that by ensuring you get the most premium açaí on the market, the freshest local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and friendly service from the Buoy Bowl’s team.
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At Buoy Bowls, we care about the quality of the foods we serve. We care about using organic and locally sourced foods, whenever possible. We care about serving food that makes you feel good, and food that is beneficial to your body. Furthermore, we care about a bunch of things, but what we care about most is serving the best damn açaí bowls in the world, and providing our customers with the same experience we had when we ate our first açaí bowl. And that means leaving Buoy Bowls stoked out of your mind.

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So, please keep an eye out for the purple trucks with bright green rims, because we've got the best açaí bowls in Town and we're ready to share them with Y'ALL!

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